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The " Ketan " AccuLeak Detector MBD150 is an ideal instrument to check leakage in blister packs, strips. The old method of separate desiccator and huge vacuum pump is replaced with this new Leak Test apparatus in Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 body with phenomenal compactness.
The AccuLeak Detector is equipped with long lasting diaphragm oil free vacuum pump, in built desiccator body, moisture trap, Front panel with LCD display, printer port. The instrument is very user friendly, easy to operate. The user has to just put the material to be tested, close the desiccator lid set the required vacuum level & hold time, everything else is controlled through advanced, microprocessor based front panel & its supporting components.
Vacuum up to 600 mm of Hg
Microprocessor based control
Automatic cycle with in built timer
200 records storage capacity
Slow release after cycle over
Compact design
In built calibration facility
Connect to Printer / Computer
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