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What is Heat Transfer?
To define Heat Transfer requires 2 important group of words. It is a form of energy and in that context we are concerned with the transport of heat energy from one body to another. Motivation for this transfer is provided by the difference in temperature. The definition of Heat Transfer would therefore include a word; transport of energy due to temperature difference.
Conduction vs. Convection
The word Convection means to bring in or to carry. In other words in normal CO2 Incubator the heat energy is carried through the medium of air to the Petridish, 4 well dish and thereafter it is transmitted to culture media and then to embryos. Whereas Conduction means transfer of heat energy through direct contact of solid substances.
In this case the heat energy in the incubator all the heated shelf can be directly transmitted to the 4 well dish or Petridish if they are in contact.
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Conductivity of air is 0.034 whereas Thermal Conductivity of Aluminium is 204 and Thermal Conductivity of Stainless Steel is 19.
Temperature changes during embryo culture when the dishes are taken out from 37 C incubator into lab where the temperature is anywhere between 24 C to 28 C and also when culture media which are used in embryo culture lose the temperature when they are droplet from flat surface.
Temperature changes recovery time and PA changes are drastically reduced when Rapid Recovery System is used with regular CO2 Incubator. The new Rapid Recovery System provides direct contact, which promotes heat further through conduction to bottom of the culture dish.
Loss of temperature on heated surfaces
The air gap under culture dishes promotes bad conduction between incubator shelf and the bottom of the dishes and as air is very bad conductor of heat it is quite deter mental to the embryos and gametes.
Recovery of CO2 Incubator
When the dishes are kept back into the CO2 Incubator, CO2 often shows recovery of the temperature on the display. However, it does not mean the temperature of Embryos and Oocyte has reached. It is often reported that the actual stabilization on 37 C in the Embryo happens after 22-30 minutes of Incubator.
The New Rapid Recovery System
The New Rapid Recovery system has been designed to enhance Embryo development and the culture conditions by recovering temperature practically faster than conventional methods. The new Rapid Recovery System is to be used with our GB Series Warming Blocks. The Rapid Recovery System has necessary design, feature to accommodate 4 well dishes, Nunc Dishes and Falcon Petridishes. The Rapid Recovery system give you direct thermal contact between the dry block type heating system and the individual culture dish wells, ensuring rapid temperature equilibration combined with low temperature variability.
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